Why you should choose Totally Real Estate to sell your home?

  • Our commitement to our Vendors
  • Our professional, highly skilled staff
  • Respected progressive, independently owned business
  • Our strong market knowledge and personal hands on approach
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • A great sale process to achieve excellent outcomes

Methods of Sale - Auction and Private Treaty


    An auction is a public sale conducted at a specific date, time and location.

    Prospective buyers bid and the property is sold to the highest bidder that has met the Vendor's reserve price. 

    A sale under auction terms is unconditional.


  • The most successful method of sale in Australia.
  • The property is neither overpriced or undersold.
  • Ideal for unique properties that are difficult to determine a price.
  • Ideal for properties that are assured of attracting multiple buyers.
  • Places buyers in a competitive environment.

Private Treaty

A sale by Private Treaty invites competitive tenders from potential buyers where all offers are considered at a specified date and time.


  • Private Treaty is an industry recognised method of sale.
  • Preferred when you desire conditional offers to be part of the process.
  • All offers are submitted on a standard sale contract.
  • Conducted in private, so can be less stressful than auction on the Vendors.
  • Allows the buyer to make a well considered decision without knowing competition levels.

Achieving a Premium Price

Maximising awareness and inspections of your property is the best way to achieve the optimum price. With today's rapid online exposure, the most important marketing time is in the first two weeks. Choosing the right method of sale will ensure this prime time in the marketing process is not lost.

The two things we must get right:

  • Pricing
  • Exposure

A Buyer's Perception Is Their Reality - Correct price or not, in an online world, a buyer will often eliminate your property based on their perception of its value without inspecting.

How to Maximise Price - The Formula

Three Simple Steps:

  1. Engage as many targeted buyers as possible to maximise enquiry.
  2. Encourage urgency in buyers by having coordinated inspection times.
  3. Generate multiple offers and create the best outcome via a competitive process.

What are the next steps?

  1. Choose your method of sale
  2. Agree on sale commission
  3. Choose marketing package
  4. Sign authority
  5. Provide copy of ID
  6. Provide copy of rates notice
  7. Provide Conveyancer or Solicitor details
  8. Pay marketing fee (ListReady option available)

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