Rent Reviews & Lease Renewals

Rent Reviews & Lease Renewals

Our main role is to act on behalf of the landlords; rent reviews and lease renewals need to be established and must be effective at the relevant review date. This task needs to be done accurately and specialist advice is important in the process to produce good results.

Rents are reviewed every 12 months and at the end of a fixed term lease. Three months prior to the end of the lease we will write to you and ask if you wish to offer the tenant a further lease and what term you would prefer. We will then negotiate with the tenant to secure your income for the next lease period.

Our job involves maintaining all the information of transactions involving rent reviews and for us to provide a comprehensive source of information that allows us to give clients the best advice.

The tenant and landlord both play an important role on the lease and understanding issues and negotiations involved are essential during the renewal process. We work closely on both the landlord and tenant side to make the process go smoothly as possible.

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